Candidates for the 2019 General Election and council by-election

Alex Armitage and Tyrone Scott


Alex Armitage

Hackney North & Stoke Newington

Alex says: “People are waking up to the climate emergency and our message of social and environmental justice is motivating people to switch their vote to the Greens.

“I live and raised my family on the Rhodes Estate in Dalston. I daily see the needs of our community in my job as a children’s A&E doctor, from housing to healthcare to childcare. I want a future for my family and our community. We’re facing a climate emergency: change is coming, whether we like it or not. I’ll work for a Green New Deal –massive investment in housing, transport and clean energy.”


Tyrone Scott

Hackney South & Shoreditch

Tyrone says: “If there’s ever been a need for more progressive, forward thinking politics, it’s now. From the rise of right-wing populism to the ever-increasing climate crisis, there so many things we need to directly address through positive change.

“I’m standing in Hackney South & Shoreditch as I want to help ensure the Green Party are the catalyst for this change, bringing the country a more positive and sustainable future. As a community, we can no longer sit back and allow the effects of climate change to get worse.

“We can no longer allow our schoolchildren to be exposed to illegal amounts of pollution and do nothing about it. We can no longer watch on as the effects of austerity ravage our communities.

"I am a local housing advisor based in Hackney. Every day I see people being moved far away from their communities, rents out of control and many families living in cramped, unsafe conditions. I am passionate about tackling these social and environmental issues facing the people of Hackney and the rest of the country.”


Marie Remy


Marie says: "I am Green Party candidate for the Clissold Ward by-election. I am Franco-British and have lived in Stoke Newington since 1999.

"I think it would be fantastic if Hackney had a Green councilor. It would make a real difference, just like how the one green councilor in Islington provides the whole opposition to Labour and make such a difference holding the council to account.

"Greens in Hackney are the second party in terms of votes at local elections, but don't have any seats because of the system.

"If I were elected I would keep on the back of Labour, which can only be a good thing, as I would fight for better school funding and better environmental policies."


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