De Beauvoir By-Election

Tyrone Scott is your Green candidate for the by-election in De Beauvoir on 7 July.

This by-election was called because a Labour councillor resigned with no explanation, immediately following the local elections in May.

The Green Party has been listening to the concerns of De Beauvoir residents about poor housing conditions, air pollution and consultations about changes to traffic routes.

Tyrone Scott has the skills and experience to represent De Beauvoir. He lives in Hackney and works at The Social Change Agency. Tyrone has been a climate change activist for many years, and writes on housing and climate issues.

Greens are the second strongest party Hackney in votes. We came second after Labour in De Beauvoir in the May 2022 local elections.

Councils dominated by one party are more likely to make mistakes and waste money. A Green vote will provide greater balance and scrutiny and more democracy for Hackney.

The Green Party works all year round in Hackney, not only at election time.

In May Hackney elected two new Green Councillors: Zoë Garbett in Dalston and Alastair Binnie-Lubbock in Hackney Downs. Electing Tyrone as a third Green Councillor for De Beauvoir will mean we can do even more work for residents.

Your vote really counts in De Beauvoir! On 7 July use it to elect a new Green councillor who will bring fresh ideas, and is free to stand up for you and other local residents.

Our Plan For Hackney

We have released a comprehensive plan for a Fairer, Greener Hackney. Read it now (PDF).

It has been developed from conversations with residents and from proposals put forward by local community groups. We have listened to and respected residents as experts in their lives and communities.

We are really proud of it, you can read the full document by downloading it here (PDF)

We need your support

Our dedicated volunteers are out every week speaking to voters on the doorstep. We need to support help them get the message across to residents by printing high quality literature, which costs money to print.

Please help make our plans for a Fairer, Greener Hackney a reality by donating to our crowdfunder.

Türk Dili