Elections 2022

Hackney Greens have been working for the last four years to prepare for the Council elections on 5th May 2022 We have been working hard in the community, listening to people's needs and concerns and seeking to help resolve problems wherever possible.


In 2018 we were just 21 and 90 votes away from winning seats in the two areas that we are targeting – and we know this will be the year we break through onto the Council.

Green voices on the Council will provide robust opposition on critical issues where people need to come first, challenging Hackney Council to take more ambitious local action and create a prosperous sustainable future for all. Elected Greens around the country are making real differences to their communities, and it only takes a few Green councillors for change to happen.

Our Plan For Hackney

We have released a comprehensive plan for a Fairer, Greener Hackney. Read it now (PDF).

It has been developed from conversations with residents and from proposals put forward by local community groups. We have listened to and respected residents as experts in their lives and communities.

We are really proud of it, you can read the full document by downloading it here (PDF)

Local Councillor Elections

Hackney Green Party are once again standing candidates for all 57 seats on Hackney Council. With more candidates than the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats combined, Greens are the real opposition to the Labour-dominated Council.

Zoë Garbett, candidate for Dalston and for Mayor of Hackney, said: “I’m delighted to be standing alongside 56 other brilliant candidates who are giving every resident in Hackney the opportunity to vote Green this May. As the borough’s second largest party by vote share in the last local elections, we know that voters see us as the alternative to Labour’s complacent and unaccountable control of the Council.”

Click here for a full list of Green candidates in each ward (pdf).

A Green Mayor For Hackney

Alongside local councillor elections this May, local campaigner Zoë Garbett is running to be the next Mayor of Hackney. She is pledging to tackle inequality and gentrification, give residents more power over crucial local issues, and take meaningful action to fight the climate emergency at a local level.

For a full list of pledges and more go to https://zoe4hackney.co.uk/my-pledges/

Council election candidates: 5th May 2022

Our candidates across the borough

Greens are standing for every seat in every ward and Zoë Garbett is our candidate for mayor.

Use all of your votes to elect hard-working Green Representatives who listen and will bring new ideas and change to Hackney.

1 Brownswood
Gitta Wigro
Mark Douglas
8 Hackney Wick
Laura Salisbury
Clive Ardagh
Stuart Coggins
15 London Fields
Paul Urwin
Graham Woodruff
Carrie Hamilton
2 Cazenove
Maria Cristina Hornero Garcia
Stephen Fielder
Daniel Alexander
9 Haggerston
Kathryne Chalker
Maxime Vers
Alice Spendley
16 Shacklewell
Felix Thomson
Benjamin Hughes
3 Clissold
Marie Remy
Feodora Rayner
Reiner Tegtmeyer
10 Homerton
Brenda Puech
Benjamin Newman
Thomas Richardson
17 Springfield
Noah Birksted-Breen
Julie-Anne Hogbin
Celia Coram
4 Dalston
Zoë Garbett
Tyrone Scott
11 Hoxton East & Shoreditch
Chesca Walton
Conan Cook
Nicholas Thorp
18 Stamford Hill West
Johnny Dixon
Lewis Garland
5 De Beauvoir
Nicholas Lee
Heather Finlay
12 Hoxton West
Cheuk Ting Ho
Daniel Enzer
Kit McCarthy
19 Stoke Newington
Charlene Concepcion
Siobhan MacMahon
Richard Scarborough
6 Hackney Central
Florence Wedmore
Stefan Liberadzki
Nicholas Costley-White
13 Kings Park
Donell Walter
Peter Jones
Josie Holden Wilby
20 Victoria
Rolf Dekker
Sandra McLeod
Wendy Robinson
7 Hackney Downs
Alastair Binnie-Lubbock
Bettina Maidment
Charlie Norman
14 Lea Bridge
Douglas Earl
Ruth Jenkins
Sally Zlotowitz
21 Woodberry Down
Catherine Elisabeth Scanlon O’Shea
Anthony Rose


Hackney Wards Election

We need your support

Our dedicated volunteers are out every week speaking to voters on the doorstep. We need to support help them get the message across to residents by printing high quality literature, which costs money to print.

Please help make our plans for a Fairer, Greener Hackney a reality by donating to our crowdfunder.