Hackney Green Party has trebled its results from the 2010 General Election and seen two of the best results in the UK

Heather FinlayHeather Finlay’s Hackney North and Stoke Newington constituency voted the Greens into third place, with 14.6% of the vote share up from 4.6% at last election behind Conservatives 14.7%, Labour 63%.

“The people of Hackney have tripled the vote for us today and that is a real endorsement. There are people in Hackney that want progressive parties.” said Heather Finlay.

Charlotte GeorgeCharlotte George’s Hackney South and Shoreditch constituency also voted the Greens into third place with 11.6% of the vote share up from 3.5% at last election behind Conservatives 13.4%, Labour 64%.

“We are building a strong party and are very excited about the future of the Greens in Hackney.” said Charlotte George.

First Past the Post denies Green voters at least 3 London seats

Greens are today celebrating a "bitter-sweet" result in the capital, after the first-past-the-post system failed to deliver voters a Green MP for London despite a tripling of the Green vote share.

Under a proportional system, London could have woken up this morning to 3 or 4 Green Members of Parliament with the Greens achieving a record result in capital, tripling their 2010 vote share across all London's 73 constituencies.

Across the country the Green Party polled its highest ever result in a general election securing 3.8% of the public's vote. But with the current electoral system Greens were still only able to elect one MP – the historic reelection of Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion - rather than the 24 it would have secured under a more proportional system.

The Green Party said this election demonstrates how different parliament would look if we adopted a more proportional system rather than the current unfair electoral system.