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Below is our weekly round up of news and commentary, plus links to support services if you need them... hope you can manage to keep positive and healthy.

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Green Party Comment

Stop in with Sian - Episode 8 - Black Lives Matter, and the arts in crisis

This week, Sian expresses her solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests and her disgust at the President's stunts and military threats, and calls for a ban on UK exports of offensive police equipment, and for dismantling systemic racism in the UK.

Special Green guests on the sofa this week come from the arts and creative industries and share the works they are creating, Sam Murray from the music industry, actor and London Assembly candidate Zack Polanski, filmmaker Charlotte George and writer and theatre maker Eleanor Margolies.

Green Party Report: Focus Covid-19 support on sustainable industries

Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry to restand as Green Party co-leaders

Reading Room

Petition: Extend DV Specialists, Sistah Space's Hackney Tenancy Until March 31st 2021

The system isn’t broken. It was built this way. Writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch speaks about how modern Britain was built on hundreds of years of oppression in the form of the British Empire. Hirsch calls for Britain to recognise its dark colonial history–widespread violence, displacement and cultural erasure–which has been omitted from the British national narrative that sees Britishness as synonymous with decency and civilisation.

Frontline Hackney- A day in the life of the Law

Hackney Council: Review into landmarks and naming of public spaces launched

North London charity helps Woodberry Down residents struggling during Covid-19 pandemic

Despite risking my life working for the NHS during the pandemic, rules put in place by my own government mean I don’t earn enough to have my husband here.

Legacies of British Slave-ownership: We believe that research and analysis of this group are key to understanding the extent and the limits of slavery's role in shaping British history and leaving lasting legacies that reach into the present. 

Comprehensive thread about the removal of the Colston statue from local Bristol reporter

Petition: Act now to make the Brooke/Evering Rds area and all its schools safer!

Podcast: A group of #youngreporters taking part in the #unfilteredproject explored what racism looks like, where it began and where it's heading in an open and honest discussion.

Saturday June 20 is 💚 World Refugee Day 💚 and we'd LOVE for everyone to join us for one special day of riding miles and raising money!

This summer London Art Week is launching a new online platform, LAW DIGITAL. Discover over 5,000 years of art from the world's leading pre-contemporary galleries on 3 to 10 July 2020, with a Preview on Thursday 2 July.

Local Projects

Can you help water a thirsty garden at your local Overground station this summer?

Energy Garden has supported communities across London to transform Overground station platforms with planter boxes, raised beds and trackside planting. We currently have gardens at Hackney Downs, Stoke Newington and Clapton stations, all of which struggled during lockdown. We are now trying to rebuild the community groups and revive the gardens.

  • Hackney Downs has upwards of 8 small planters and 2 large raised beds.
  • Stoke Newington has 4 large planter boxes under the station's historic arches, all in dire need of love.
  • Clapton has 4-5 large planter boxes and one massive planter box.

The idea is that these are your gardens! The soil is there, and Energy Garden will provide material support in terms of plants, soil, and tools. We will introduce you to station staff and ensure you are aware of all safety measures while at the station. From there, it’s just a matter of deciding what you would like to see growing and making sure the plants are watered throughout the summer.

We will connect you via Whatsapp to your station’s group to organise activities and observe social distancing between members. This is a fun and rewarding way to meet your neighbours, station staff and other community change makers and no prior gardening experience is required. In September, we will have a Harvest party to celebrate all the produce that our groups and gardens provide.

Please call 07444 613635, email [email protected] or DM @energygardenldn if you are interested. Happy gardening!

We Call for Cancellation of Covid Rent Arrears


Our campaign for the cancellation of Covid-19 rent arrears continues...

We have had some local press coverage here

Video from Alex, crunching the numbers

and the Guardian are taking up the story

View the Hackney Green Party Letter Here

Sign Our Open Letter Here

Find out more about the Hackney Green Party policy on housing here

London Renters Union Campaign Link, if you are struggling topay rent they have lots of useful information that may help

Covid-19 Info, Advice & Support


We've put our help and advice sections on our website now for easy access whenever you need them.

Donations and Help Wanted
Local organisations that need money and support, plus volunteer opportunities.

Supporting Local Business
No need to shop in supermarkets or with Amazon please support local businesses 

Local Support in Hackney
Mutual aid and neighbourhood groups information.

General Advice Pages 
For artists, local businesses, the self employed, renters, how to claim grants, protect your rights etc. Government advice and virus mythbusting

Organisations Offering Support 
Get the help you need here in Hackney

Self Care and Mental Health
Advice on how to look after yourself and others

Activities for Isolation
Highlights from our weekly round up of activities you can do online.

Advice and links is updated regularly and often, so always worth a look, full page here

And finally..

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