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We've had a busy few days here at Hackney Greens ūüí™, last weekend we published an open letter detailing how we would tackle the¬†Climate And Ecological Catastrophe if were running Hackney Council. We demand that the current leaders adopt the policies as a matter of urgency.

Today, with the Hackney Women’s Equality Party and Hackney Liberal Democrats we have sent a joint letter to Mayor Philip Glanville seeking assurances that arrangements are in place to ensure we avoid the loss of Sistah Space.

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ūüíö Hackney Green Party


We have grown increasingly concerned with the situation regarding Sistah Space and the proposed relocation to their previous address in Clapton.

Today, with the Hackney Women’s Equality Party and Hackney Liberal Democrats whe have sent a joint letter to Mayor Philip Glanville seeking assurances that arrangements are in place to ensure we avoid the loss of this essential service for African and Caribbean women suffering from domestic abuse across Hackney and London and asking the following:

  • What action is the Council taking to ensure Sistah Space can remain in their
    current location until at least after March 31st 2021, as they have requested?
  • Why is the Council evicting Sistah Space from their current location to a
    property that is unsuitable for their needs, unsafe and in the middle of a
  • What assurances can the Council make to ensure that Sistah Space can move
    to suitable premises once it is safe to do so?

View our Joint Letter Here

More info on the important work that Sistah Space do here
Fundraiser page: 
Draft email for MPs: 
Open Letter to Mayor of Hackney from Sistah Space: 

Preventing A Climate And Ecological Catastrophe - Open Letter

We ask the council to use the Covid-19 Emergency measures as a first step to transition to a net-zero emission (NZE) council by 2030.

The recovery from this pandemic must be a green recovery. We, Hackney Green Party, would:

  1. Consult and closely work with Hackney residents, grassroot groups and businesses to ensure all voices are heard and to coproduce solutions to reach the net-zero emissions 2030 (NZE30) target
  2. Set up an annual Citizen’s Assembly for effective scrutiny and to explore solutions
  3. Recruit a Climate Change Programme Director to provide leadership and challenge within the council
  4. Set realistic intermediate targets, and publish regular and annual monitoring updates about compliance with set targets
  5. Fully divest the council’s pension fund from any existing commitments and immediately freeze any new investments in fossil fuels and large-scale Agribusiness, Livestock and Agricultural Commodities trading companies. We would urgently reinvest in, and support the development of, solutions to the climate and ecological crisis, securing return on investment through ethical, fossil fuel-free options.
  6. Develop and implement a food strategy for council-run schools and canteens that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through production, transport, distribution and consumption of food (including imported food products); encourage and advise restaurants, cafés and educational facilities in doing likewise
  7. Closely consult and cooperate with neighbouring boroughs, London Assembly and the Mayor’s office in creating a London-wide network of cycling routes and car-free streets
  8. Develop a borough-wide network of car-free streets and cycling and walking routes
  9. Withdraw support of the Edmonton Incinerator rebuild project and invest in a range of measures to incentivise more recycling and enable a circular economy (reuse, repair, regenerate) to significantly reduce unnecessary waste[3]
  10. Develop, publish and regularly update a carbon audit of all council-related activities (transport, housing maintenance, refurbishments and construction, services, parks and green spaces, private and business waste) and planned projects
  11. Commission independent carbon audits of businesses and private properties, in close cooperation with local businesses, landlords’ and tenants’ associations and publish the results as part of the Council’s carbon budgeting processes
  12. Apply principles of a circular economy to the building sector, balancing total carbon emissions (including embodied carbon) through refurbishment of old stock, demolition and new builds
  13. Require developers to meet sustainable standards and RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge Targets for embodied and operational carbon in construction and procurement
  14. Commission and publish an annual independent audit of green job creation through the shift to procuring, promoting and using renewable energy and emission reducing products (such as bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, electric vehicles) from New Green Deal companies.

Full open letter here

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