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Hackney Campaigns

Sistah Space

Thanks to all who supported Sistah Space with their campaign against the proposed relocation to their previous address in Clapton.

There was a great turn out for the protest last week

And we received an almost immediate response from our Joint Letter with the Womens Equality Party and Hackney LibDems which shows teh strength and benefit of working together on the issues we all care about.

The response from Mayor Glanville stated that Sistah Space would not have to move until it was safe to do so, you can read the full letter here.

Preventing a Climate and Ecological Catastrophe

We have posted a comprehensive list of actions that Hackeny Council must take to tackle the Climate Crisis, you can read the full list here.

Call for Cancellation of Covid Rent Arrears

We support London Renters Union and are calling for the cancellation of rent debt for Hackney’s 34,000 private renters, many of whom have gone into arrears with their landlord because of reduced incomes during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Note, the eviction ban is due to be lifted on August 25.


Reading Room

'Fundraiser: Re-wild the Waterworks Meadow! We want to collect all the data we can about the wildlife that calls this site home. Then use the findings from our surveys to re-design the site to maximise its potential for wildlife and experience wildness on our doorsteps.

New online events! Three Acres And A Cow is a show that connects the Norman Conquest and Peasants’ Revolt with climate change and the housing crisis via the Enclosures, English Civil War and Industrial Revolution, drawing a compelling narrative through the people’s history of England in folk song, story and poem. Come and share in these tales as they have been shared for generations.

Rachel Rose Reid: My family hails from a multitude of countries, and they travelled with a love of their vibrant folk traditions. Out of that love, I made Willesden Green Wassail, a festival like no other, taking an ancient ritual and recreating it as an annual celebration of the diverse cultures, labouring people, and community spirit of one London neighbourhood. Watch, I promise this will give you a smile.

Green Party Comment

Lambeth council has backed a call that calls on national government to examine reparations for slavery. The national Green Party said that it believed the motion, which it said was initiated by Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie, is the first such motion to be passed by a UK local authority.

Faty Kane: Is Black the Colour of Maternal Mortality in the Uk?

Reset: Cross Party Parliamentary Group on the Green New Deal

Podcast: Founding member of Countering Colston, Green party city councillor and former Lord Mayor, Cleo Lake has a lot to say on the big questions of politics, race, history and the future of Bristol and beyond. 

General News

'No DSS' letting bans 'ruled unlawful' by court

Who Is Tony Sewell, The Controversial Head of The Government's New Racial Disparity Commission?

Rent waived and deferred for Council’s charity and commercial tenants

Tired of being Boris Johnson's patsy, Patrick Vallance fights back

Government owned car parks could hold the key to 110,000 new homes (or perhaps Green Space?)

Bright Green: We need a real “roadmap” for proper support to the arts sector

Claim versus reality: what life's like for some migrant families during the pandemic

The summer of stress – how to cope with fear and uncertainty in a pandemic

APPG: Coronavirus, call for evidence

Almost ÂŁ5 billion of coronavirus bailouts handed out to firms based in tax havens

Just how does public money end up in the pockets of Cummings' friends?

Covid-19 Info, Advice & Support


We've put our help and advice sections on our website now for easy access whenever you need them.

Donations and Help Wanted
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Supporting Local Business
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Local Support in Hackney
Mutual aid and neighbourhood groups information.

General Advice Pages 
For artists, local businesses, the self employed, renters, how to claim grants, protect your rights etc. Government advice and virus mythbusting

Organisations Offering Support 
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Self Care and Mental Health
Advice on how to look after yourself and others

Activities for Isolation
Highlights from our weekly round up of activities you can do online.

Advice and links is updated regularly and often, so always worth a look, full page here

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