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Slightly different format this week, we have put our help and advice sections on our website for easy sharing (please do), they are being updated daily so keep checking back


Still plenty of reading material below for your lockdown 😷, don't forget to email us any suggestions you may have, contact details at the foot of the email.

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Green Party Activities


Young Greens Event: Our NHS and social care system were never ready to handle a global pandemic. Austerity and underfunding are part of the story. But privatisation is the other piece of the puzzle.

Join us on 7 May at 8.05pm to hear from Ellen Lees, Campaigns Officer at the fast growing anti-privatisation campaigning organisation, We Own It. She'll be explaining how the logic of privatisation has failed us in this crisis, and why we need public ownership to make sure we're ready for the next one. 


More Young Greens Events here

Thursdays: Clap for the NHS and #chantforPPE


Message from Dr Alex Armitage, who stood as our Hackney North candidate in the general election. 

Tonight I stood up with fellow key workers to #chantforPPE.

It’s so great to get such strong public support- but we don’t feel that support from the government.

We need more testing, better wages & contracts for key workers, more scrutiny, more transparency...and more PPE


Reading Room


Refugees creating a buzz in the UK during the pandemic. Once thought to be extinct in the UK, the black bee is reappearing thanks in part to two refugee-run beekeeping projects

Deborah Levy: 'We need an end to the global male authoritarian passion for ignorance'

Stay-at-home orders have exposed just how poor housing is, says Leilani Farha, The outgoing UN special rapporteur says governments' failure on the right to housing has left societies vulnerable in the pandemic. 

The Coronavirus Climate (with George Monbiot) Discussing government bailouts and the impact of coronavirus on the politics of climate change.

British BAME Covid-19 death rate 'more than twice that of whites.

Local News and Activities


While Governments around the world get to grips with Covid19 and work towards recovery, young people are left asking - what about us? Hackney Young Futures Commission has teamed up with My Life My Say to bring you HACKNEY'S COVID CONVERSATION. A special event that brings young people's voices to the Mayor of Hackney, Phil Glanville! From mental health to education, we want to hear about your worries and the impact coronavirus is having on you and how we can shape Hackney's short & long term response with children and young people at the centre and at the table! May 2, 2020 01:00 PM

A mobile test centre for COVID-19 is available in Hackney this Friday 1 May and Saturday 2 May for those who fit the eligibility criteria as outlined by the government

Ridley Road Shopping Village: Council dismisses ‘lack of transparency’ claims

Private tenants in Stoke Newington threatened with legal action over rent strike plans

Broadway Market enforcement to be tightened up amid social distancing concerns

Hackney Council to introduce emergency road safety measures to help maintain social distancing

Hackney Faith Forum is organising Hackney Day of Prayer on Sunday May 3 from 3pm till 4pm, join in on YouTube

Life Under Lockdown

As the coronavirus forces us to socially distance, life seems shallower, more like survival than living.

Our pandemic subconscious: why we seem to be dreaming much more – and often of insects

What is the Covid-19 crisis doing to our mental health? Podcast

Democracy in Lockdown: Unlock Democracy podcast, E4 Building a new community

Coronavirus vaccine could cost more than Europe’s willing to pay

NEF’s research and advocacy for everyone to get the support they need during the Covid-19 crisis – and beyond.

The Government Response


Honest Government Ad | The Machine: The Government has made an ad about its response to the pandemic, and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

Downing Street bars Sunday Times journalists from posing questions during the daily coronavirus briefing

Panorama: Has the Government Failed the NHS?

Migrant women unable to access Covid-19 support

Nudge theory is a poor substitute for hard science in matters of life or death

'We are risking our lives': support grows to cancel student nurses' debt

Huge ‘immigration health surcharge’ fees paid by foreign NHS workers being reviewed, Priti Patel says

Coronavirus: 'Homeless' struggle to social distance

“I can’t afford to stay at home”: Gaps in support for the self-employed

Unpaid family carers ‘feel completely ignored’ by Government amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Alternative Responses

Milan announces ambitious scheme to reduce car use after lockdown

Scotland commits £10 million for pop-up cycleways and footpaths

Coronavirus: France offers subsidy to tempt lockdown cyclists

The Paris Mayor Won’t Let Coronavirus Slow Her Car-Free Ambitions

Lockdown and sunny weather help UK set new record for coal-free power

Extinction Rebellion: Beyond Growth - A New Narrative Webinar

Green Party Comment


Siân Berry: Covid-19 lockdown must remain until the virus can be effectively contained, calling on the government to show transparency in its response to the crisis.

Caroline Russell: We need space for social distancing on our streets

Caroline Lucas: Let's repay the sacrifices of Britain's poorest by building a greener country once the coronavirus crisis ends

Caroline Lucas: 'I don't miss the PMQs scrum but I do miss the atmosphere': what it's like being a virtual MP

Changing What is Normal

Public support universal basic income, job guarantee and rent controls to respond to coronavirus pandemic, poll finds

How to avoid Amazon: the definitive guide to online shopping – without the retail titan

We Won’t Know the Exact Moment When Democracy Dies:The coronavirus pandemic has so far bolstered Donald Trump’s power, creating the conditions for him to continue his attempt at autocracy

London Cycling Campaign: Safe emergency cycle routes, needed now

Farming through a pandemic: time for a rethink

International Health Day during a pandemic: an opportunity to reflect

Coronavirus recovery plan 'must tackle climate change': Environment ministers from 30 countries are meeting in a two-day online conference in a bid to make progress on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Other News

Windrush scandal: More than 1,000 cases yet to be considered by Home Office, figures show

'Not mere divestment': Oxford University unveils sweeping net zero investment strategy

Pompeii ruins show that the Romans invented recycling

Are queer women being failed by our healthcare system?

Why Britain’s 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are an eco disaster. With only one in 400 cups recycled, and even those barely ‘green’, the hunt is on for an alternative

From Pizza Express to Hot Mess: How it was three decades of financial engineering, rather than 'millennials going to Franco Manca' turned Pizza Express into a hot mess.

We're singing along to.. Lady Leshurr - Quarantine Speech

Covid-19 Info, Advice & Support


We've put our help and advice sections on our website now for easy access whenever you need them.

Donations and Help Wanted
Local organisations that need money and support, plus volunteer opportunities.

Supporting Local Business
No need to shop in supermarkets or with Amazon please support local businesses 

Local Support in Hackney
Mutual aid and neighbourhood groups information.

General Advice Pages 
For artists, local businesses, the self employed, renters, how to claim grants, protect your rights etc. Government advice and virus mythbusting

Organisations Offering Support 
Get the help you need here in Hackney

Self Care and Mental Health
Advice on how to look after yourself and others

Activities for Isolation
Highlights from our weekly round up of activities you can do online.

Advice and links is updated regularly and often, so always worth a look, full page here

Activities for Isolation


Black Music in Europe: A Hidden History. Clarke Peters uncovers the stories of black musicians in Europe, from the birth of recorded sound to the height of the jazz age.

An antiviral literary festival Monday 27 April to Sunday 3 May 2020
BookBound 2020 is a new, not-for-profit literary festival, bringing authors and book-lovers together online for 7 days of exciting events, including readings, story-times and live author-to-author conversations.

New Extinction Rebellion film premieres today. In the midst of a city-wide protest, a group of climate activists (Emma Thompson, Rakhee Thakrar, Tom Glynn-Carney, Gary Beadle & Francis Magee) meet with a senior conservative MP (Nicholas Rowe & Charlotte Hamblin) to discuss their demands.

Extinction Rebellion: Rebel Radio

Sea Change festival review – a swell of congregation in the new nowhere

A lovely historical look at players over the years from Southampton FC.

Virtual Choirs & Orchestras for the Self-Isolation Period

Notebook of Leonardo da Vinci (''The Codex Arundel''). A collection of papers written in Italian by Leonardo da Vinci (b. 1452, d. 1519)


TEDed, Earth School, 30 Quests for students around the world to celebrate, explore and connect with nature.

A definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage

The Conspiracy Theory Handbook: Distinguishing between real conspiracies
and conspiracy theories (pdf)

Free online courses to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts.


Showcasing the work of artists from across the UK who are helping to raise funds through the sale of these artworks. 45% of sale price goes directly to NHS Charities.

EMA: Pablo Larraín (Jackie) returns with a dazzling, intoxicating look at sex, power, and chaos in modern-day Chile. Free film streaming

Learning to draw exercises

#FlowersForMedics - A global initiative to share your art as a sign of gratitude to the medical staff in the COVID-19 Battle

Artist activity packs:  Firstsite’s artist created activity packs, featuring contributions from UK artists including Antony Gormley, Sarah Lucas, Gillian Wearing, Grayson Perry and more.

And finally..

Hackney Green Party members are hard at work all year round - campaigning on local issues, sweating over press releases, delivering leaflets and canvassing for support in forthcoming elections.

We would love for you to help us make a difference either by coming to one of the events above or by simply donating here.


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