HGP Greenvine - 24 July 2020

Hackney Green Party

We have had a busy time this week at the full council meeting 👀 showing that even if we don't have any councillors (yet) we can still be the effective opposition that the people of Hackney need. 

We will have councillors after the 2022 local elections 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ but we don't yet know who they will be! We are now looking for new candidates from across the borough, could one of them be you? 

If you think you might be interested then we have a fantastic event on Wednesday 👇 that will give you a full flavour on what the role involves, hope to see you there, non-members very welcome.

More next week

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Hackney Events

Could You Be A Green Party Candidate?

In 2022, Hackney and other London boroughs will get their chance to refresh their council and vote for Greens to represent them.

Later this year we will be selecting our candidates for these council elections.

If you think you may be interested in this demanding but rewarding role then we strongly encourage you to attend one of the events below.

Hackney Greens Q&A with previous candidates

Tuesday July 28th, 7:30pm - 9pm, Online RSVP for details
All members and non-members are welcome

If you have ever considered standing as a councillor please sign up below to hear from previous candidates who know what it's like!

We have a range of speakers lined up who will talk about their experience, the day-to-day reality of campaigning and any golden tips.

We will also be hearing from current Green Party councillor Rosi Sexton about the huge difference a green in the room can make!

Click here to RSVP and get the Zoom link

If you want to find out more about being a Hackney Green Party candidate then we would be very happy to hear from you so get in touch.

Reading Room

Online Theatre: It’s summer and London is underwater - In a broken world that was broken long before they were born, a group of young people grapple with the aftermath of the flood. When everything changes, what does it take to keep afloat no matter what?

The 100 Types of Human Podcast speaking to incredible people. Those who have suffered; those who have overcome extraordinary hardship; and those who offer an insight into the biggest issues we are all grappling with - and are taking courageous steps to speak out and change them.

The New Economy Programme is Stir to Action’s democratic learning and action platform, both a national and online training programme, offering a wide range of courses on engagement and participation, social communications, media and journalism, democratic business, placemaking, creativity, and autonomy at work.

Hunger for Justice Series, a weekly live broadcast about how we feed everyone in a Post-Covid World. A showcase of the stories and voices of our global network, highlighting local solutions to feeding the world on a changing planet.

Extinction Rebellion groups from all over London are joining XR Greenwich on Saturday at the site of the road the mayor plans to build to tell Sadiq Khan to cancel his new Toxic Silvertown Tunnel.

Paulette Wilson

Paulette Wilson has died. She moved to the UK from Jamaica in 1968, but was stripped of her rights by the home office and left destitute as the Windrush scandal unfolded. While awaiting compensation, Paulette selflessly campaigned for justice for others.


After Windrush: Paulette Wilson's visit to Jamaica, 50 years on. A letter from the British government classifying Paulette Wilson as an illegal immigrant shook her sense of identity and belonging. ‘Hostile environment’ policies years in the making meant that Wilson and other victims of the Windrush scandal had their right to residency in the UK called into question.

This film follows Wilson as she returns to Jamaica for the first time in 50 years, trying to make sense of her place in the world and rebuild a sense of security and belonging

The Windrush scandal continues as many are still waiting for compensation.




General News

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Hackney Campaigns

Hackney Council Scrutiny

Hackney Green Party members continue to hold Hackney Council to account and this week asked a number of questions at the full council meeting. 

Full meeting agenda here

We asked two specific questions about hoe Hackney Council is responding to the climate emergency and its commitment to achieve net zero carbon emmissions.

Question from Reiner Tegtmeyer to the Cabinet Member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm

What are the “Measures of Success” the Council is using to annually examine whether plans are successfully implemented and monitored, i.e. are progressing as planned, and whether and how these measures contribute to the Council’s aim to deliver net zero emissions across Council functions by 2040?

Question from Alex Armitage to Mayor Glanville

There is minimal analysis of upfront carbon emissions associated with construction in Hackney. There is also no analysis of embedded carbon emissions that could be saved if buildings were refurbished instead of demolished and replaced. Will you commit to conducting these analyses to shape planning policy around the Climate Emergency?

A good write up of the answers given is here

You can watch the whole meeting here

Other questions from Hackney Green Party members were:

Question from Zoe Garbett to the Cabinet Member for Planning Culture and Inclusive Economy
A recent high court ruling has highlighted the council’s failings in planning practice. What is the council doing to ensure that councillors abide by the planning code and ensure objections are heard?

Question from Feodora Rayner to Deputy Mayor Rennison
The government suggest landlords “offer support and understanding*” to tenants who have seen a loss of income during the covid-19 pandemic. Is the council able to offer any more tangible support to Hackney renters (both residential and commercial) having to choose between paying wages, buying groceries or facing eviction?

Question from Alastair Binnie-Lubbock to the Cabinet Member for Housing Services
Seaton Point residents in Hackney Downs have been told they must accept front door replacements that are "as good as, or better" than their current ones. What assessment was done on existing doors installed as part of refurbishment in 2005, indicating they are no longer safe?

We'll give a full update on all the answers given and the next steps in a later edition of Greenvine.

Sistah Space - Update

Sistah Space met with the the council on Tuesday and subsequently released this stament on their gofundme page:

We have lost our appeal to extend our stay at our current location which means we might have just 7 days to vacate unless we can pay commercial rent.

Thank you all so much for your generous donations. Originally we had set a £30,000 target so we could be secure for 2/3 years on charity rates and also pay an additional domestic & sexual violence advisor. Hackney Council councillors met with us yesterday (21/7/20) and have denied us our request to stay put until 31st March. They are insisting that we return to our old, unfit, unsafe, shop front building in Clapton, known locally as the 'murder mile'. This place is completely isolated and is especially terrifying at night.

They say that there are no other buildings available at charity rates, so we go back to Clapton or find our own places to go.

After 4 years of waiting for them to keep their promise to us, we realised that they have no intention of relocating us and insist that we said we'd go back.

So if we want to stay at our current safe address we have to pay the full commercial rent which is £22,000 a year. We have decided it might be necessary to pay that so that we remain safe during Covid-19 because we are in that high risk group.

It will mean that the vast majority of our donations will have to go to paying Hackney Council as they say they can't reduce the rent for us. Hopefully we can be relocated to a more inexpensive place after a year.

We are waiting for a contract which we are told we must sign. We are unclear if we will be even be permitted to rent our current address.

Thank you all for your much needed support.

Read our Joint Letter with the Womens Equality Party and Hackney LibDems about this issue.

The response from Mayor Glanville stated that Sistah Space would not have to move until it was safe to do so, you can read the full letter here.

Preventing a Climate and Ecological Catastrophe

We have posted a comprehensive list of actions that Hackeny Council must take to tackle the Climate Crisis, you can read the full list here.

Call for Cancellation of Covid Rent Arrears

We support London Renters Union and are calling for the cancellation of rent debt for Hackney’s 34,000 private renters, many of whom have gone into arrears with their landlord because of reduced incomes during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Note, the eviction ban is due to be lifted on August 25.



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Activities for Isolation
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Advice and links is updated regularly and often, so always worth a look, full page here

And finally..

Hackney Green Party members are hard at work all year round - campaigning on local issues, sweating over press releases, delivering leaflets and canvassing for support in forthcoming elections.

We would love for you to help us make a difference either by coming to one of the events above or by simply donating here.


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