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Caroline Lucas: Our cultural and creative sectors face collapse without more government support, her speech in parliament

Extraordinarily rude’ Clyde Loakes refuses to carry out cost review of £1.2bn north London incinerator

Samir Jeraj: Road deaths are down 70% – but is there a plan to keep them low?

Why does England vote Tory? Progressives will never dominate English politics without confronting Churchillism.

Sustainable Hackney: Where are we with Hackney’s climate emergency?

Extinction Rebellion activists launch UK Beyond Politics party by stealing food

Polluting European airlines seek €12.8 bn (and counting) in bailouts

Student nurses ‘not deemed to be providing a service’, says MP

MPs vote against opposition day motion on routine weekly Covid-19 testing for NHS and care workers

Why was £108m of public money paid to Crisp Websites Limited?

Boris Johnson backs Robert Jenrick despite planning row

Jenrick affair exposes a financialised planning system

Estate Watch: Over 100 of London's council and housing association estates are under threat of demolition and the Mayor continues to sign off estate regenerations that don't comply with his own policy requirements.

Petition: Save lives, scrap Serco now. Instead of putting local public health experts in charge, health secretary Matt Hancock has handed over responsibility to Serco - a private outsourcing company that has already put lives at risk.

Met to refer itself to watchdog after black man was kneed in face in Hackney

The School That Tried to End Racism review – a powerful lesson in white privilege

#BlackLivesMatter workshops: Including a history of racism and the invention of whiteness, the inequality of outcome experienced by the Black community in the UK today, and asks 'how can we act to effect real, lasting change?'

Head of government race commission questions whether ‘N word’ is the same as calling someone ‘fat’

Winning by a nose: the dogs being trained to detect signs of Covid-19

Helping Islington's swifts through nest boxes, awareness and advice.

TikTok teens and K-pop stans don’t belong to the “resistance”

Cycling Confident are resuming training sessions for Hackney citizens

COVID-19: free live mobile-friendly visualizations for use on any website


London Renters Union Day of Action – June 27th

#CantPayWontPay Day of Action this Saturday

Join renters from across London this Saturday as we come together for our first day of action for our Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign.

This is an opportunity to use eye-catching actions to publicise the campaign demands, invite more people to join, and to express solidarity on the streets with your fellow renters.

The focus of actions on this day will be on the way that the current housing system is particularly dangerous to our black and brown communities. Racism has always been a feature of our housing system - our racialised members are impacted both by racist landlords and racist laws, such as the Right to Rent legislation and no recourse to public funds (NRPF), which make it more difficult to access good quality housing and justice in the housing system. 

Details on how you can join in are here


We Call for Cancellation of Covid Rent Arrears

The Hackney Green Party campaign for the cancellation of Covid-19 rent arrears continues...

View the Hackney Green Party Letter Here

Sign Our Open Letter Here

Find out more about the Hackney Green Party policy on housing here

Build Back Better Campaign

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down, exposing major weaknesses in our economy and the deep-seated inequalities in our society that mean the most vulnerable people have been hit the hardest.

But what we do next could change everything. As the world recovers, we have a chance to reset the clock and build back better than before.

We need something new. We need a new deal that prioritises people, invests in our NHS and creates a robust, shockproof economy that is capable of tackling the climate crisis.

Any coronavirus recovery plan must be built on the following principles:

  1. Secure the health and needs of everyone in the UK now and into the future
  2. Protect and invest in our public services
  3. Rebuild society with a transformative Green New Deal
  4. Invest in people
  5. Build solidarity and community across borders

Join the Virtual Rally and the NHS birthday action here

Covid-19 Info, Advice & Support


We've put our help and advice sections on our website now for easy access whenever you need them.

Donations and Help Wanted
Local organisations that need money and support, plus volunteer opportunities.

Supporting Local Business
No need to shop in supermarkets or with Amazon please support local businesses 

Local Support in Hackney
Mutual aid and neighbourhood groups information.

General Advice Pages 
For artists, local businesses, the self employed, renters, how to claim grants, protect your rights etc. Government advice and virus mythbusting

Organisations Offering Support 
Get the help you need here in Hackney

Self Care and Mental Health
Advice on how to look after yourself and others

Activities for Isolation
Highlights from our weekly round up of activities you can do online.

Advice and links is updated regularly and often, so always worth a look, full page here

And finally..

Hackney Green Party members are hard at work all year round - campaigning on local issues, sweating over press releases, delivering leaflets and canvassing for support in forthcoming elections.

We would love for you to help us make a difference either by coming to one of the events above or by simply donating here.


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