November Policy and Ideas - Manifesto 2022

Our regular monthly Policy and Ideas meetings are an opportunity for members to contribute to and discuss local party strategy and to understand and inform policies.

Each month we will select a topic to give each one enough space to have a detailed discussion and to make real progress.

This month we are excited to have with us Green Party Assembly Member and London Mayor candidate Siân Berry.

Siân won third place in the election for Mayor in 2021 and in 2016, and both times won more second preference Mayor votes than any other candidate. As a London Assembly Member, Siân has been working with Caroline Russell AM since 2016 and now with a new third Assembly Member Zack Polanski, working hard to make a difference she has:

  • Won a big change in policy from the current Mayor to give residents the power to vote down plans that demolish council homes.
  • Got the Mayor and Assembly to declare a climate emergency. Greens are needed now to make the new 2030 net zero target a reality.
  • Helped reverse deep cuts by winning over £70 million in new funding for youth clubs and services in London.

We will be joined by local Hackney Mayor candidate Zoë Garbett along with our local councillor candidates to plan the key policies for our May 2022 local council and mayor elections.

Bring your experience and ideas to the meeting and we will create the manifesto for change that Hackney needs.

(Members only event)

All members are reminded of the Safeguarding Commitment and Code of Conduct which they agreed to upon joining the party.
If you are under 18 and would like to attend this event, please ask a parent or guardian to contact the organiser (details below) and sign a consent form.

Wednesday 17 November 2021 at 7:30pm - 9pm
The meeting will be held online. Please RSVP to see joining instructions.

Will you come?

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