So-called ‘estate regeneration schemes’ will lead to 915 fewer social houses in Hackney

Green Assembly member Darren Johnson has obtained figures from the GLA which show that regeneration schemes in London are set to lead to the net loss of 1,389 affordable homes, and the net loss of 7,326 social rented homes[1]. These are schemes with planning permission, but that have not yet started or been completed.

In Hackney, this will result in 915 fewer homes categorised as ‘social housing’ and just 15 more homes classed as affordable.

The Greens have also noted with dismay that a £1m shared ownership flat for sale in Hoxton was classified as 'affordable housing'[2].

Samir Jeraj, Green candidate for London North East said: "Demolishing social housing in Hackney and replacing it with unaffordable investment properties will be a disaster. Hackney needs more social housing for people, not luxury flats."

Separate figures published by the Mayor of London also reveal that estate regeneration in the Mayor’s Housing Zones, such as Tottenham in neighbouring Haringey, will lead to a net increase in homes 3,099 lower than the Mayor has claimed, due to demolitions of existing homes.

Whilst not a Housing Zone, Hackney has one of the city’s largest regeneration programmes[3].

Green AM Darren Johnson said: “Under the cover of tired stereotypes about sink estates, the Mayor is whittling away at homes that are genuinely affordable to Londoners. He then tries to deceive by talking about new homes being built, without mentioning all those he is knocking down. With a few exceptions, estate regeneration has been a complete disaster in London and has made our housing crisis worse.

“It’s time he called a stop to the demolitions and got behind community-led plans to renovate estates, with infill development where it makes sense and demolition where it’s absolutely necessary.”

[1] Figures were obtained from the GLA’s London Development Database, and include schemes that involve the replacement of 15 or more units, of which at least 10 are affordable. This data is augmented by cases that supersede part of these schemes, as well as cases with the word 'Estate' in the scheme name to help pick up the detailed permissions that replace or supplement the units in the initial (outline) scheme.