2022 Local Elections Crowdfunder

£1,900 raised
of £4,000 goal
38 supporters
812 days since the election!

Hackney Greens have been working for the last 4 years to prepare for the Council elections on 5th May 2022. In 2018 we were just 21 and 90 votes away from winning seats in the two areas that we are targeting – and we know this will be the year we break through onto the Council.

We have been working hard in the community, listening to people's needs and concerns and seeking to help resolve problems wherever possible.

We have our campaign and spending plans in place, now we need your support to make them reality.

Green voices on the Council will provide robust opposition on critical issues where people need to come first, challenging Hackney Council to take more ambitious local action and create a prosperous sustainable future for all. Elected Greens around the country are making real differences to their communities, and it only takes a few Green councillors for change to happen.

Alongside local councillor elections this May, local campaigner Zoë Garbett is running to be the next Mayor of Hackney. She is pledging to tackle inequality and gentrification, give residents more power over crucial local issues, and take meaningful action to fight the climate emergency at a local level. For more details see zoe4hackney.co.uk

What are our key costs?

Our dedicated volunteers are out every week speaking to voters on the doorstep. But the only way to ensure our message reaches all residents is through high-quality literature, which costs money to print. This includes things like:

  • Newsletters
  • Posters
  • Letters from candidates
  • Polling day flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Election information booklets

We have set a target of £4000, this is in fact less than our expected costs but want to set a realistic goal, we will set a stretch target if we reach our goal. Every donation makes a difference.

Thank you for your support.