After Brexit: Keep hope alive in the borough

Hackney Green party are urging people to embrace progressive, inclusive politics following the Brexit vote which has revealed deep divisions in our society.

We campaigned hard alongside other political parties for Stronger In and were heartened to see that the strong vote to remain in our borough, the second highest in the UK after Lambeth, showed Hackney residents are placing hope over fear.

But sadly this wasn’t the case elsewhere. And we have been alarmed at reports on social media of incidents racist abuse on Hackney’s streets following the referendum. We hope that the political parties can continue to work together in future on the major issues facing in our communities and across our country.

Hackney Green coordinator Samir Jeraj said: "Now more than ever we need a politics that is progressive, radical, and challenges social inequality, racism and xenophobia. We’re committed to working alongside other community groups in Hackney to keep the hope strong our wonderfully diverse borough."

Caroline Lucas, Green MP, said: “People in Britain are angry – and they’ve expressed that anger today by voting to leave the EU. The most important task at hand now is unifying our divided communities.

“Our party will now mobilise alongside the Trade Unions, environmental groups and others to defend our hard-won rights at work and environmental protections.”