Climate change talks: UK government should be deeply embarrassed over lack of commitment

Hackney Green Party applauds world leaders for brokering a better than expected deal at the Paris Climate summit, but warn that our government and the London Assembly must do more if we are to reduce our emissions in line with the targets agreed in the deal – keeping global warming with 1.5°C.

Fossil Free Future protest bannersIf the British government continues to cut subsidies to renewable energies, support fracking and pump £5.9bn into fossil fuels these targets will be absolutely meaningless.

Hackney Green Party Co-ordinator Charlotte George said: “As the only G7 country increasing fossil fuel subsidies, the UK should be deeply embarrassed. We hope that this international agreement will shame our government into taking genuine steps to encourage renewable energy, energy efficiency and working towards a zero-carbon economy.”

Our changing climate will have a specific impact on London, with increased rainfall exposing more homes and schools to surface water flooding. But at the same time, rising temperatures will also increase the pressure on London’s already-stressed water supply, which could lead to water shortages. Rising temperatures are disproportionately effect the vulnerable: the old and young, poorer communities and those with existing health conditions.

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