Have your say on the changes to Amhurst Road

Dear Resident,

Have your say on the changes to Amhurst Road – which will have an impact on Graham Road. 

I am writing about a leaflet you should have received from Hackney Council about changes on Amhurst Road.

I want to strongly encourage you to fill in the consultation to make sure your voice is heard. The consultation closes on Friday 8 March and is available online at this address:


I have been a long-time campaigner on creating safer and greener streets for all residents, including the most disadvantaged communities in Hackney. While I certainly support the creation of a new green corridor in Hackney Central as well as long-overdue safety improvements to Pembury Circus, I feel that the proposed changes do not go far enough.

I want to make sure you are aware that – according to the council’s own projections – there will be an increase in car volumes on Graham Road, which I know many of you are already concerned about.

I would like to see more ambitious plans to mitigate these expected increases in car numbers by any and all means necessary, but certainly starting with:

  • A much more ambitious Main Roads strategy in Hackney to address ‘pollution spots’ where car volumes have increased, or will increase, after nearby interventions by the council;
  • An Action Plan for Graham Road, dedicated to urgently addressing noise, congestion and pollution, as well as putting an end to speeding on Graham Road - by installing speed cameras, where necessary;
  • Additional interventions, such as new greening initiatives, and additional measures to reduce car infrastructure on Graham Road.

To give your feedback on the consultation, please fill out the consultation and make good use of the free-text box on p.4: “Question 10. Is there anything else you would like to share with the project team?” 

Although the consultation only technically covers the proposed changes on Amhurst Road and Pembury Circus, the project team will still read all comments and it will add pressure on the council to introduce my proposed changes, as listed above.

Let’s make sure that Graham Road isn’t overlooked in the current plans, and that the transition towards a greener, safer, cleaner, quieter borough is done in a way which is fair for all.

If you have any questions, please contact me on: [email protected] 

I’ve been trying to organise a meeting with council officers for Graham Road residents. If you’d be interested in attending, please let me know. 


Kind regards,


Zoë Garbett

Dalston Green Councillor