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NEW! Help us pay for a part time staff member!

We are very excited to announce we are planning to hire a part time staff member!

Watch our video below to hear about our campaign from Alex and Tyrone.

We have had use of a shared staff member for short periods in the past and it makes an amazing difference having someone who can be focussed on keeping our campaigns organised and our members co-ordinated.

We are asking members and supporters to sign up as monthly donors so that we know that we can fund a staff member sustainably going forward.

Hackney Green Party members are hard at work all year round - campaigning on local issues, sweating over press releases, delivering leaflets and canvassing for support in forthcoming elections. 

Local parties only receive about 10% of national membership fees, direct monthly donations are therefore vital for us to be able to fund our ambitious local plans in Hackney.

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To set up a monthly Direct Debit please choose an amount:

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If you prefer, you can set up a standing order through your online banking, email for details.