Green Party wins Hoxton school election

Two Hoxton schoolchildren were recently presented with awards after winning their school elections for the Green Party.

School elections were held at St Monica’s Primary School in Hoxton during UK Parliament week in November. Class teachers in each year group selected children to stand as candidates in the election and campaign speeches were written by the children with teachers’ help, based on the manifestos of Labour, the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Greens and the Women’s Equality Party.

The children and their families were recently invited to a meeting of new Hackney Green Party members in Dalston and were given their awards by Green Party celebrity and Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Cllr Magid Magid.

Daniel Lubrun-Covac, a year 5 learner, chose to stand for leader of the Green Party. Explaining his decision, he said “The other parties seemed to just care about emotional stuff. Problems with the environment are physical and are causing real pain and suffering in the world”.

Members of Daniel’s extended family come from Dominica, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria last year in the worst Caribbean hurricane season on record. The intensity of hurricanes is set to increase as sea temperatures rise as a result of climate breakdown.

Daniel, along with fellow Green candidates Emmanuela Oke and Teddy Sharpe, gave a rousing speech at the school assembly, which drew cheers from students and staff. The whole school from reception to year 6 then voted in a secret ballot. Votes were collected and counted by the school council.

Headteacher Amanda Ruthven hailed the success of the election. She said “We live in difficult times and I’m determined that my students develop the ability to engage in politics and get their voices heard”.

Green Party campaigner and Dalston resident Alex Armitage said: “Today young people all over the world are going on strike from school because they realise that in our lifetime, if nothing changes, the earth will cease to be able to support the life that exists on this planet today. As people with a vested interest in the future, we have a duty to take urgent action”

The Green Party won with 37% of the vote, followed by the Women’s Equality Party on 26%. Labour and the Liberal Democrats came joint 3rd with 14% each. The Conservatives were in last place on 10%. A separate parents’ online poll was also won by the Green Party.


For more information, interviews or photos please contact Hackney Greens Press Officer, Heather Hampson, [email protected], 07912625506


1. Full text of Daniel, Emmanuela and Teddy’s speech:

“Our world is in great danger. We are filling our oceans with plastic and letting our precious planet warm up so that we are getting more hurricanes and rising sea levels. People’s homes will be swept away and last week we were told that just in the last forty years we have destroyed 60% of all animals in the world.

But we don’t just care about tigers and hedgehogs, we care about people too. About you. Which is why I, Daniel, am standing as your Green candidate in this important election.

We want St. Monica’s and everyone in Hackney to have a safe home, parks to play in, streets where the air is safe to breathe instead of being polluted. We want to promote electric vehicles and clean public transport.

We believe richer people should support those who have less – so we share more fairly. The Women’s Equality Party is campaigning for girls to get a fairer deal. We agree but we go further; we want greater equality for everyone because each of us is equal in the sight of God. So vote Green; vote Daniel for a safer, fairer world. We are the party who is thinking hardest about our future.”

2. Picture attached of Daniel and Emmanuela with Magid Magid - Higher res version available if needed.