Zoë speaking after the declaration of the vote count on 10 November

Hackney Green Party Mayoral candidate Zoë Garbett has secured a record share of the vote in the by-election for Mayor in the borough.

Greens placed second with 9075 votes, a 24% share, significantly ahead of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. This election should not have been until 2026, but a by-election was needed following the resignation of the Labour Mayor in September. The borough is one of only five in London where voters directly elect an executive mayor.

Hackney Green Party candidate, Zoë Garbett, said:

“A heartfelt thanks to everyone who had to find time to vote in this by-election. I am deeply grateful to everyone who put their trust in us and want a greener, fairer Hackney.

“Only 1 in 5 voters cast a vote though, and the fact that most London boroughs function without this role shows that it isn’t needed.

“We still think that the money the role costs should be returned to the council to distribute, along with the power held by the mayor.

“But this by-election has also shown that the appetite for Green representation is growing in Hackney, and Labour should welcome the scrutiny that democratic opposition provides. It is up to them now to do the hard work of rebuilding the trust that they’ve lost. As the leader of the Green group I will continue to respect people as experts in their own lives, and work with communities to change the relationship between residents and the council.”

Garbett, a councillor in Dalston, previously ran as The Green Party candidate for Hackney Mayor in 2022, coming second with 17% of first preference votes.