Greens gain at European Elections

Seven Green Party Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been elected in the as results from across the continent were announced today. Across Europe, Greens gained in a number of countries including Germany, France, the Netherlands and Portugal. As a result, the Green Party group in the parliament has grown to the biggest it has ever been. 

In Hackney nearly one in every four voters went Green, placing us just 200 votes from second place, and giving Hackney the highest Green share of the vote in London.

Hackney Green Party spokesperson Samir Jeraj said: “The Greens had a great night across the UK, with inspiring people like Magid Magid getting elected. In Hackney we got the highest Green vote in London as the Labour vote plummeted. It’s clear the people of Hackney aren’t happy with Labour’s Brexit policies. We’ve already seen a bump in membership and we’ll be looking to keep up the pressure.”


Conservative and Unionist Party 2109  
Green Party 15703  
Labour Party 23825  
Liberal Democrats 15966  
The Brexit Party 4097