Campaigning against turning Hackney's schools into academies

Hackney Green Party today announced its support for the campaign against turning all of Hackney's schools into academies. 


The proposal, to establish a trust and encourage all Hackney schools to become academies, was slammed by Hackney Green Party Coordinator Samir Jeraj, who said: "I'm surprised and disappointed Hackney Council under Labour is adopting a policy even the Tories dropped." He added: "There is little to no evidence that academies do any better. Good teachers, leadership and decent funding make schools a success."

Hackney Green Party is backing the National Union of Teachers in opposing the scheme.


For more information please contact Hackney Green Party spokesperson, Samir Jeraj, [email protected], 07846051852

[1] In June, 119 failing academies were removed from their sponsors

[2] In March, Schools Week uncovered large salary rises awarded to CEOs of academy chains compared to a 1% increase for teachers:

[3] Green Party policy on academies: