Hackney By-Election Candidates Announced

In Hackney, we now have our sixth councillor by-election in two years and the fifth in 2024!

We love the chance to increase our effective opposition in Hackney Council and we have two talented, dedicated and hard working candidates ready to represent the residents of Hoxton West (27th June) and Cazenove (4th July).


Hoxton West Candidate: Cheuk Ting Ho

I am honoured to stand for the Green Party in the Hoxton West by-election on 27th June. As a Hackney resident for almost a decade, I want to bring a new perspective to the table, serving alongside Green councillors Zoë Garbett and Alastair Binnie-Lubbock on Hackney Council to challenge the complacent Labour administration.

I’ve built up a career as a Data Scientist, and this year I co-founded CMD Limes, a workers’ co-operative and software consultancy. I believe that businesses work best when they are owned and run by their workers. I’ve also worked hard for the tech community in several unpaid roles for voluntary foundations, where I’ve advocated for better inclusion of people from under-represented backgrounds in the sector.

I understand the challenges facing residents, businesses, and organisations in Hackney, particularly in Hoxton. My commitment is to serve as an independent voice for the community, holding the Labour administration accountable and advocating for the changes that our ward needs.

Some of my key priorities include:

  • Championing Sustainable Housing: Instead of more luxury developments, we should be retrofitting existing homes to bring down people’s energy bills and prioritising new social housing. I will help residents to tackle damp and mould issues.
  • Supporting Vulnerable Populations: To be a vocal advocate for the homeless, disabled and those affected by the ongoing cost of living crisis, fighting for more support and the resources needed.
  • Empowering Youth: I want to support local charities, trusts and schools that provide better opportunities for young people, aiming to reduce youth violence.
  • Enhancing Green Spaces: I will advocate for more community green spaces and improving the accessibility and security of existing parks in the south of Hackney.

You can vote for Cheuk Ting Ho in the Hoxton West by-election on the 27th June 2024 💚

Cazenove Candidate: Tamara Micner

Tamara is a Yiddish teacher, playwright and performer who has lived in Hackney for more than 10 years. As a campaigner, she has been involved in London Renters' Union, Extinction Rebellion Jews, Extinction Rebellion Hackney, Campaign Against Arms Trade, Jewish Socialists' Group and others. She is a member and former trustee of Kehillah North London Synagogue in Stoke Newington, where she co-leads the Racial Justice Group, and is also an enthusiastic walker in Hackney's green spaces.

Tamara's priorities for Hackney include more affordable housing, ending the cost-of-living crisis, affordable and sustainable energy, stronger workers' rights, and ending oppressions such as sexism, racism, antisemitism and classism. Like the Green Party, she believes social justice and climate justice are intertwined.

She says: "If elected, I would work to bridge divisions and inequalities in our communities, improve everyone's standard of living, and hold the Labour Party to account in Hackney Council."

Hackney Green councillors Alastair Binnie-Lubbock (Hackney Downs) and Zoë Garbett (Dalston) commented: “We are delighted to have Tamara standing to represent the community in Cazenove. As Hackney’s real opposition party, we work hard to make the Council listen to residents’ voices. We can’t wait to work with Tamara for a fairer, greener Hackney.”

You can vote for Tamara Micner in the Cazenove by-election on the 4th July 2024 💚

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