Hackney Greens launch their European Election Campaign

Green Party launch in Hackney – Rachel Collinson, prospective Green MEP candidate in the centre of the picture in grey jacket; Hackney Green Party member, Alex Armitage, in red top

Hackney Greens have launched their European election campaign in Dalston - where Greens were just 21 votes away from winning a councillor seat at the last local elections.

The party is determined to put green issues on the agenda and win votes to get a Green MEP, as Hackney prepares to go to the polls on Thursday 23 rd May. The Greens already have one Green MEP, making them London’s leading pro-Remain party.

Alex Armitage, who stood for the Greens in Hackney at the last local election in 2018, said “The Greens are the second party in Hackney – and these coming European elections are a chance for voters here to be heard, in a place that delivered the second biggest ‘remain’ vote in London”.

Rachel Collinson, who is standing as a Green MEP candidate, says “By voting Green, you have a realistic chance of getting a Green MEP get elected. It is an opportunity for Londoners to argue for a final say on Theresa May’s Brexit deal – as well as giving a voice to a party that understands the need to tackle the ongoing climate crisis”.

The Green Party is already a powerful voice for Londoners in the European Parliament. Greens are committed to taking action on climate breakdown, defending people's rights and calling for a People's Vote.


This is a proportional election so every vote matters, and you can have a real impact by helping out with our campaign by coming to an action day.

See the events page or visit our facebook page to RSVP to our next action day.