Hackney Greens Select Their General Election Candidates

Alex Armitage and Tyrone Scott

Hackney Green party have selected their candidates for a potential General Election.

Paediatrician and Dalston resident Alex Armitage will take on Diane Abbott in Hackney North and Stoke Newington, whilst housing worker and campaigner Tyrone Scott will stand in Hackney South and Shoreditch against Meg Hillier.

In the recent European elections in May the Greens were level with the Lib Dems across the whole of Hackney, while Labour lost votes to both parties. The Greens are hoping to capitalise on this should a general election be called.

Alex Armitage for Hackney North said: “People are waking up to the climate emergency and our message of social and environmental justice is motivating people to switch their vote to the Greens.

“As a children’s A&E doctor and committed community campaigner, I know the issues that affect people’s lives and I have the credibility and experience to represent Hackney people in parliament. Winning in Hackney North will be hard work but we’re not afraid of that: we’re fighting for our future. Politics needs to change, and we’re here to lead the way.”

Tyrone Scott for Hackney South said: “If there’s ever been a need for more progressive, forward thinking politics, it’s now. From the rise of right-wing populism to the ever-increasing climate crisis, there so many things we need to directly address through positive change.

“I’m standing in Hackney South & Shoreditch as I want to help ensure the Green Party are the catalyst for this change, bringing the country a more positive and sustainable future. As a community, we can no longer sit back and allow the effects of climate change to get worse.

“We can no longer allow our schoolchildren to be exposed to illegal amounts of pollution and do nothing about it. We can no longer watch on as the effects of austerity ravage our communities.

“As a frontline Housing Advisor, I’ve seen the crippling effects of the government’s cuts on households across the community and how those affected have been ignored. I’m here to ensure that there is a voice for those marginalised by society.”

For more information, interviews or photos please contact Hackney Greens Press Officer, Heather Hampson, [email protected], 07912625506