Hackney Greens Release Plan for a Fairer, Greener Hackney

We are super proud this week to release our Manifesto for the Local Councillor and Hackney Mayor elections on the 5th May 2022.

It has been developed from conversations with residents and from proposals put forward by local community groups. We have listened to and respected residents as experts in their lives and communities.

And of course it would not have been possible without a lot of hard work from many of our members 💚🙏You can download and read the whole document here:


In summary, our pledges are:

Help With The Cost Of Living

  • Zero council tax for low-income residents
  • Lower rents for council tenants

People Power

  • No more meaningless ‘consultations’
  • Strengthen the voices of young people and community groups

Action On The Climate Emergency

  • End council investments in fossil fuels
  • No more greenwash
  • Not build on any green space, including on estates
  • Boost biodiversity and appoint a Biodiversity Officer

An Economy For All

  • Financial support for independent businesses
  • More local jobs for local people, driving wealth back into Hackney

Better Housing For Hackney

  • Bring empty homes back into use
  • Hold landlords to account

Safer, Healthier Streets

  • Fix the cycle storage crisis
  • Cleaner air on every street, including main roads

No More Racist Policing

  • Hold the Met to account for policing in Hackney
  • Campaign to deprioritise the policing of cannabis possession and end stop-and-search

Vibrant and welcoming neighbourhoods

  • Support for community events
  • Prioritising work for step-free access at stations

Ethical Advertising

  • Minimise new, energy-hungry digital screens
  • Rule out polluters, junk food, gambling, payday lenders

Nuclear Free

  • Total divestment of the council’s pension fund from companies involved in the testing and manufacture of nuclear weapons
  • Support for the United Nations ‘Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons’ – The Ban Treaty.

Full details on all the policies are here https://www.hackneygreens.org.uk/elections_2022