Statement: Transphobia

Statement by the Officers and Core Team of Hackney Green Party

We will continue to make our local party a safe and welcoming place for everyone, including trans and non-binary people. All forms of bigotry, including transphobia, are counter to Green values – whether expressed outright, through dog-whistles, or under the guise of “debate” and “reasonable concerns”.

We deplore the hostile media and political climate that has developed in the UK around the rights and lives of trans and non-binary people. We note that the Council of Europe, which oversees human rights across the continent, recently called out the UK for “extensive and often virulent attacks” on LGBTIQA+ people and condemned “highly prejudicial anti-gender, gender-critical and anti-trans narratives” against LGBTIQA+ rights.

There can be no place for such hostility in the Green Party. We are deeply saddened that in our Scottish sister party, the Women’s Network, Rainbow Greens and Scottish Young Greens have felt the need to call out – once again – ongoing transphobia in the Green Party of England and Wales. We are aware that many committed activists are stepping back from involvement in the party, or even leaving, because they feel it is no longer a welcoming place for them.

We call on all members of the party, and especially those in senior and influential positions, to ensure that:

  • Our complaints process is given appropriate support and investment to function properly, so that it can deal with cases of bigotry quickly.
  • Members are accountable for their conduct. This means that people have an opportunity to reflect and learn, but repeatedly bigoted behaviour must result in expulsion from the party.
  • Our representatives, whether elected or appointed, are held to a particularly high standard and do not bring the party into disrepute.
  • The leadership of the party works with liberation groups to create a safe environment for all.