Joining Jitsi Meetings

We use Jitsi for our online video meetings, it is a free and open source platform, anyone can host meetings without any time limit and without having to sign up for an account.

You have 3 options for joining a Jitsi meeting:

1. On a Computer

Please use either Chrome or Firefox browser.

Firefox users note: they released updated Firefox support on 16 April 2020, previously only Chrome worked reliably, but if you experience issues when using Firefox (such as not being able to hear all participants), try using Chrome.

Please don't join using Safari or Internet Explorer.  Only the very latest version of Edge (Chromium based) may work correctly.


2. On a Phone or Tablet

The most reliable way to join is on a phone or tablet, the main disadvantage over the desktop version is you can see fewer people on-screen at once.

Please download the official Jitsi App for either iOS or Android:


3. Audio-only by calling from your mobile or land line

If you do not have access to a computer or smart phone you can join the meeting via a normal phone call.

The UK number to call is 0121 468 3154 (standard national rate call, included in your free minutes allowance if your mobile phone contract includes free minutes)

Each meeting has a 10 digit PIN code that you need to type in on your phone keypad.

Anyone in the meeting can find the joining information, including the PIN code by clicking the Information icon in the bottom right:



How to use Jitsi during a meeting

Setting your name / Using Chat

You can set your nickname so that it appears next to your picture, this is helpful for other participants and the host. 

To do this click the Open / Close Chat button (shown above) in the bottom left, the chat window will then appear and ask you to choose a nickname:

Using Emojis in the chat

You can activate the emoji palette by clicking the smiley face next to the Type a message box (see above).

You can use these emojis in the chat to quickly indicate a response and can be useful if a vote needs to be held.

Raising your Hand

Participants can show that they wish to speak or ask a question by pressing the Raise / Lower your hand button in the bottom left, this will then be displayed on screen next to the participants name.


Hosting a Jitsi meeting

If you would like to host a meeting, it's easy to set up.

From your Computer

Go to

You can either accept the random meeting name generated in the Start a new meeting box, or create your own by typing it in

Adding a Password (optional)

Once you have entered the meeting you can set a password by pressing the Information button in the bottom right and clicking Add password:

Sharing the meeting joining details

Once you have entered the meeting you copy the joining details by pressing the Information button in the bottom right and clicking Copy:

You will then be able to paste the joining information into emails etc.

The format looks like this:

You are invited to join a meeting.
Join the meeting:

To join by phone instead, tap this: +1.512.402.2718,,243234711#

Looking for a different dial-in number?
See meeting dial-in numbers:

If also dialing-in through a room phone, join without connecting to audio:

Sharing the screen during a meeting

You can share your screen during a meeting using the screen icon in the bottom left of the Jitsi window.  It will ask you whether you would like to share an entire screen or just an application window.  The exact capabilities vary by browser and operating system, e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac and you your browser will probably ask you to confirm you wish to grant Jitsi permission to share your screen.

Hosting From Your Phone

You can host from your phone using the Jitsi app (see top of page).  This should work reliably, the main disadvantage is you won't be able to see as many participants at once compared to hosting on a computer.

To create a new meeting open the app then, like you do when creating a meeting via the website, either accept the random meeting name, or enter your own.

You can do things like set a password, and share invite details by clicking the three dots in the bottom right:

  • Invite someone - lets you copy the joining information to your clipboard - the same as via the web version of Jitsi
  • More Options -> Add meeting Password - lets you set a password